Blog Post 1

While browsing the internet I came across these three websites:, and The aspects I found most interesting in these blogs are the format of them. The story telling of each blog is different but they all share some type of wisdom to certain things or situations. The aspects I found least interesting were the fact that some of them went on to ramble so they didn’t make much sense. However, I might be wrong. I learned that it doesn’t matter how much information you share in your writing, but it is the quality of the words you write. In general, public relations steer away from negative directions.

The blog I found most interesting was found on the site which was named “Communicarion strategies in the US.” The blog includes some tips for success that connects with informing the reader. The blog informs the reader of an issue that the reader experienced and enough information to back up her story. It compares information; therefore, it tells a story. The blog also describes the issue and completes it with findings of fixing the issue in the opposition. In my opinion,  description, quality, and story telling is important in these aspects.


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