Will legacy media survive?

We know that in terms of news legacy media or old media are traditional means of communication and expression that have existed since before the advent of the new medium of the internet. Legacy media can include radio, television, and newspapers. It is also a style of presentation like brochure and is totally passive. The receiver does not interact with the content. A fact sheet however is passive because it is obedient to the facts. I think that print fact sheets are still viable ways to provide journalist with background information about an organization/business or product. A fact sheet is meant to give useful information for the public but is not necessarily meant for feedback. A quick printed fact sheet with all the useful facts is a great way to present background information to journalist. Whether it is an organization, business or a product you need the 5 W’s and one H answered with bold headlines. If the facts are there I don’t see any reason why printed fact sheets wouldn’t be of any use.