Down to PR Business


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In this day and age Public Relations trumps a lot of other writing out there, although I’m a journalism writer I think it is wise to have some knowledge of PR. It’s a bonus to write for all forms (PR, Journalism, Freeform writing, Novel writing, Script writing etc.) at least I’d like to think so. However it’s back to PR business.

In my opinion, public relations is like putting that fancy icing on top of a cake, decorating it, and making it all pretty. Let’s just say I baked a cake and the ingredients failed. I knew the cake was going to be disgusting, but I decided to keep the cake and pay a baker to only bedazzle it a little. As a journalism writer we need PR as much as others need it. Lets be honest, the informative press releases is what make our jobs easy. However, in a sense the two are somewhat the same because it involves all the herbs and spices to make the dish pop and all the creativity to make whatever the situation look and sound good.


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Public relations is very much so on top because of the work put into news releases, etc. I came across an article that explained how much PR was different from journalism and I agree. Journalist are often eager to get that perfect story whatever the outcome may be good or bad. This could be the reason most people dislike journalist. We write about the good stuff and the bad stuff. Public relations cares about the outcome and they ultimately want that outcome to sound the best even in reality it may not be. To exemplify, the article about the differences in PR and journalism spoke about a possible news release including tuition rising in college. Of course, students want to know why and they’re going to share how they really feel, but as opposed to journalism PR will always make it sound greater than it really is. Ultimately, when the journalism thing isn’t working too well in revenue I can count on PR to rise to the top.



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