Different writing in a different light



Photo from the PRdoll.com

Integrating community service with Public Relations as service learning is in fact a bright idea!

In the beginning of the Spring semester I was a writer, but as time progressed I became a public relations writer and all that comes with it.

I saw a different light

It began when Candice Martinez, U.S. Director of The Zambia Project came to speak about the organization in my Public Relations class and my light continued to burn for more information. I thought about how amazing it was for someone to share a great amount of their time to an organization that was located outside of the country. I admired her drive when she spoke about Hope Art jewelry and what it takes for her to get proceeds for the organization’s product. She basically explained that she would set up a booth to sell product’s anywhere she possibly could to fulfill her main goal in feeding children in Zambia.

However, the icing on the cake was the Skype interview my PR class and me had with Matt Mackie, Director of The Zambia Project. Everyone had a chance to ask him questions to transmit through the big screen yet, some of them were simple but others were more personal. He talked about everything from the Zambian culture, to testimony’s and his own personal life. During that interview I gained a lot of information about Zambia. I also understood The Zambia Project’s purpose a lot more. Everything that was on paper seemed to become real and I felt like I needed to do something. I gained insight on why Matt’s smile was so bright because the thought of helping others, and feeding others wasn’t for charity but it was because they were his family.

Applying the skills and insight

The show and tell began at local MobilePack event. I came, I packed for starving children and I made a difference. Not to mention, I applied the skills I learned from my PR class to write a news release from the actual event.



Photo from gemaker.

Skills that I will take from my PR class and service learning project.

  • Use social media to an advantage.
  • Promote yourself/potential organization.
  • Communicate regularly to get the key message.
  • Create a blueprint on how to achieve goals and execute.






The light doesn’t stop shining here.  Photo from Google images.








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